About Us

Beautybooster started in 2020 from a personal desire to bring temperature-regulated devices and accessories to the Dutch market to stimulate optimal usage of beauty products. Beautybooster's co-owner worked in the beauty industry and kept all her used beauty products in a regular mini car fridge to boost a longer shelf-life. When we decided to travel throughout south-east Asia, we found out that the quality of our skincare products and perfume was decreasing. We tried traveling with our old 10-liter mini-fridge, but it didn't work out well. We were very disappointed that we were not to be able to enjoy our favorite beauty products on trips because they would turn bad real quick due to active ingredients breaking from the heat. That's how the hunt started to get the perfect beauty fridge. We see so much difference and became devoted to keeping cold beauty as part of our daily routine. Why not have the ultimate experience when taking care of yourself?

It all started with COVID-19...

Our boosters are more than just a beauty fridge. It's a tool that inspires you to invest time and effort in yourself daily. We want to create a space where our Booster can take you back to when we wanted to indulge in skincare, work on ourselves, and journal our way through lock-down. Start your self-care journey with us! Let's explore with skincare en create the perfect routine together.

Our mission

Our mission is to encourage more people to keep their beauty products at an ideal temperature. The ideal temperature ensures that the breakdown rate of the ingredients is slower, so that the product has a longer shelf life and retains its quality. Did we forgot to mention that the cooling effect appears to have a numerous benefits for the skin too? Calm and depuff your skin with chilled beauty.

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